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    Let us help you with your wedding or event!

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    Wedding Rentals and Events Q&A

    How do I save money on my wedding?

    One of the best ways to cut costs, and not quality, is to rent the necessary items and accessories from our large inventory of designer items. We have every imaginable type of vase, column, pedestal, lantern and wedding arch. We also save you time, by delivering, setting up, tearing down, and returning your rental package.

    Our expertise can help you further. Our design team has assisted in thousands of weddings, so we can support you by pointing out expert tips and tricks that only years of experience can get you. And these tips can quickly add up to big savings on your bottom line. With nuance and skill, we can quickly match your vision to a wide range of cost saving alternatives with your rentals and overall theme. Whether that's dual usage of chairs, lighting options, napkins and tablecloths, or maybe we can speak to your venue and get a little more flexibility from them. We strive to be able to take care of the majority of your wedding needs.

    We know you're working hard and that every dollar matters on your special day, and we're here to make it as easy as possible for you.

    How do I make my event stand out?

    Speak with our award winning and experienced design team. Together we'll ensure that every detail is considered and taken care of. On time and on budget. We'll create a theme and then rent you the exact items that can create a mind-blowing experience for you and your guests no matter the occasion.

    The idea behind this is to stir up strong emotion in your guests. You want them not only excited and looking forward to your event, but passionate about the next one. Everything in the hall should be designed to stimulate their senses. Visually, through colours, tones, and lighting. Tactilely though textures and surfaces. And via their olfactory senses through fragrant florals and food. This opens the minds of your guests, and imbeds an incredible event in their memories.

    How can I take unique pictures?

    Let's work together to create a theme or a backdrop that will make your photographic occasion truly stand out. We can create floral accents, from flower crowns to ivy wraps, in order for your creative vision to come to life. We can also provide you vases, columns, and pedestals to set the scene your art is going to happen in.

    As a society we now carry our phones everywhere. Phones with cameras and video cameras in them. So, to take your photoshoots to the next level, it's imperative to incorporate thoughtful design elements that make the leap from amateur to professional. With your audience inundated with pictures through social media, you must stand out. Let us be your partner in this, by collaborating and growing your vision with thousands of unique items, that can be rented, and for your ease, picked up, set up, broken down, and returned. We're creatives too, and we're invested in your success.

    Does my wedding or event need a theme?

    Yes. Your wedding or event absolutely needs a theme. Themes are the subconscious threads that tie all your design accessories together and create a new space in a hall or meeting place. One that transports your guests to a place outside of everyday life. The most popular trends this year are: rustic, classic, bohemian, elegant or upscale.

    Where does your inspiration come from?

    Take a stroll online and use a pin board app to collect images of people, places, and things that inspire you. Hold your inner space open, so that those moments of joy or peace are invited in and recognizable, and you'll see trends emerge. Then bring that to us and we can make the dream real. Using our enormous stock of rental items, we can create and match themes, ensuring that your perfect day is something truly extraordinary. Come in for a consultation and let's get to work!

    Can I book a wedding consultation, and what do I bring?

    We highly encourage a consultation, not only for clearer collaboration with our design staff, but to also experience the look and feel of our large inventory. For a wedding consultation we recommend pictures of your dress, bridesmaid's dress and colour palette. In addition, we'll need the name, and some photos if possible, of the venue itself as this can inform our design choices and options. Lastly, if you've seen a bouquet or centrepiece that you're in love with, we'd be happy to recreate it, or offer suggestions on how to improve or customize it to your needs.

    We work hard so we can bring you not only a large range of options, but the expertise to guide you through the process. We want your passion and excitement, and almost as importantly, to relieve the stress that making a million decisions creates. Come in a have some tea with us, and let's imagine what your perfect day is going to look like. We have curated such a beautiful inventory, that we're sure we can create a package that exceeds your lofty expectations. We won't be satisfied until you walk out at peace that a large part of your to-do list has been taken care of. It's how we take care of you.

    How to make ordering decor for your wedding cost effective

    Step 1: Book a consultation!

    You're about to get married. Unless you're in the event planning business, you're planning the largest event of your life for your family and friends. A day to celebrate your love and those that love you. Your imagination is swirling with possibility and expectations. In order for us to meet, and exceed, those lofty goals you have, we'd like you to come in. There's nothing like the real thing. See and feel the difference between a mezzo vase and a cylinder vase. See how much light a led candle inside of a rustic lantern gives off. It's the little details that mean the most when you look out from the altar.

    Step 2: Show us your dreams.

    With a cup of warm tea in your hand, share your vision with us. We want to know everything! Where is your venue, what do you want to communicate to your guests, who's coming, when is it, and how do you want everything to look and feel? What colours speak to you? What design style matches your taste? We pride ourselves on bringing the vision in your head to life. We're very good at what we do, and we have year after year awards for our design, let us show you why.

    Step 3: Pick a package.

    Here's where the ease and cost savings kick in. We have an impressive inventory of wedding rental items that can create your perfect day without breaking the bank. Wedding chairs, what type, high backed or chiavari? Eiffel tower, clarinet, garnier vase? We got that too. Oh, you love that wedding arch, but you want it layered with Ostrich feathers? It would be our pleasure. We have so many design touches that we can incorporate. The back end of the process is where we assemble everything for you, not multiple vendors with multiple issues, drop off, setup, break down and return everything for you. By renting over buying, you'll see a significant price difference, and the convenience can't be matched. More money in your pocket to spend on the beach, or mountains, or tundra. You take care of the honeymoon part.

    How to make your event unforgettable

    Part 1: Details

    The Mona Lisa took the grand master Leonardo Da Vinci over 15 years to paint. If you've ever seen it in person, you'll know what it lacks in size, it makes up for in wonderous detail. He poured his skill from not only painting, but physics, astronomy, and biology into his most celebrated work. Your event should be no different. From thoughtful petal filled invitations, to centrepiece in mirror cubes, you want your invitee to have no question as to where they'll be on your special day. They've been made important by your invitation. Your thoughtfulness has guaranteed it.

    Part 2: Lighting

    No pun intended, but lighting is so often overlooked. Yet, it touches and influences every design flourish in your event. That's why we've taken extra steps to ensure that you have access to all the latest trends and options when it comes to lighting. We can mount candelabras for you, we can create arrangements in stunning glass vases that incorporate led candles that flicker so perfectly. Whatever your special event calls for, we've got you.

    Part 3: Floral

    Flowers and foliage make the difference. Always. A theme coloured floral table runner, or a captivating centrepiece in a Roma vase, is the refinement that takes an event and leaves a lasting impression in your guests' memories. We can ivy wrap Greek columns, place jaw dropping arrangements in sterling vases, or lean towards minimalist perfection with a single flower in a vintage bottle. It's all there for the asking, and with our rental prices, delivery, setup, breakdown and return taken care of, we make hosting your next event the pleasure that it truly is.

    How to use interior design principles for your d├ęcor

    Part 1: Pick a style

    Your first step is to pick a style. Start simple and from the heart. Think of places that inspired you previously. Did these spaces have a more formal or casual design? Was the environment more traditional or contemporary? These are your surroundings. They should feel natural, comfortable, and welcoming. Notice your internal compass, let the stronger feelings guide you. From there you can dial your choices to something more specific. Nautical, urban modern, farmhouse, or Spanish rustic. It's your expression your call. This is the map you'll follow to effectively creating a sense of place.

    Part 2: Colour and Pattern

    Colour is what gives a space its 'feel.' Colours are just white light reflected back at different frequencies, and those have a subliminal, but profound effect on your emotional state. Why are stops signs red, but hospitals are a stark white. See the difference? When it comes to the larger pieces, it's better to lean towards more neutral tones: greys, tans, and more muted colours. These are platform to better contrast your more vibrant choices, bright aqua blues or fire engine reds, these tones used in a sparing manner to accent, will also help you tie together your design theme throughout multiple rooms.

    Patterns follow the same rules as a base, but are one of the more complex elements of interior design. You'll want to match them by colour, scale, and texture. A bright purple faux fur pillow won't necessarily match a dark purple Jennie vase. However, play around with different textures in store or online, and like piano chords that sound right together, side by side, matching patterns will feel just so.

    Part 3: Balance

    Balance is the last key principal before you slide down into the crazy complex and ever changing world of interior design. Balance is how objects take up space visually. You can do it symmetrically, which is a traditional style, or asymmetrically within more contemporary designs. Your dividing line that decides how a room looks, is usually decided by the focal point. It could be a mantle or a large piece of art, something that has a pronounced scale, colour, or texture. Lucky for you, we employ a full-time experienced and award winning team of designers, and they're available to help in store, online, or via phone.

    How to use accessories to change the look and feel of your house

    Part 1: As unique as you are

    In this mass produced, fast fashion, big box world, oftentimes less is more. Choose accessories that really speak to you, and based of that reaction, place in them in a context that gives them the stage they deserve. Sometimes one piece may do the job of many different less important pieces. Or use that space to its fullest and adopt an art gallery approach. Invest in the perfect cylinder vase and fill it with fresh cut or silk or artificial flowers.

    Part 2: Balance

    Balance is everything. It's something that can be noticed instantly and viscerally. Imagine a huge chandelier in a basement suite or a 12 person dining table in a small kitchen, doesn't feel too good does it? That feeling is all about proportion. Use your designer's eye and look at the scale of the space the accessory is going to inhabit. Try to keep eye lines level, and use placement to your advantage. Does the art piece hang 10-15 centimeters from the door frame and the wall? Does the vase dwarf the candles beside it? Ask yourself these questions once to enjoy a space for years.

    Part 3: Layers

    Accessories are like toppings at an ice cream bar. Large items, like cookies, should be placed first and prominently, while smaller items, like sprinkles, should be placed in between them to balance them out. Match colours, or use contrast sparingly, and then group smaller items in a more visually pleasing odd number, 3's or 5's. However, unless you're a British grandmother, you don't need to cover every square inch of wall or mantle space in your accessories. Just the right piece, in the right light, in the right place.

    How to create your own Terrariums!

    Step 1: Choose your vase

    Oh how we love terrariums. They can instantly be the cuter than a basket of puppies, or sweep us away to some far flung storybook scene. The first step in this journey is to decide what's going to hold your terrarium. Vintage jars, mirror boxes, or large vases, your imagination is the only limit. Typically you'll want to go clear glass, but we've arranged terrariums in all sorts of containers.

    Step 2: Choose your scene

    Where do you want your daydream to float to? This is the creative part where you can really set the scene. Use white sand to re-create a desert scene, or Epsom salts to take you to a winter wonder land. Or layer blue sand with white sand on top to give your terrarium a seaside vibe. Or use potting soil for a more natural or forest style. Once you've chosen your base, you can also add rocks or shape the sand to create hills or mountains. You're building a tiny world for your fantasies to inhabit.

    Step 3: Choose your plants and accessories

    This is the icing on the cake. You can be as creative or minimalist as you'd like to be. First start off with an appropriate plant choice that will complete your little landscape and complement the surrounding decor. Popular choices are air plants, cacti, succulents, baby tears, or African violets. Speak to us about what plants we recommend for the environment they'll live in. From there go a creative as you'd like. Small figurines so you can re-create your favourite scene from a movie or book? Crystals? Gold trinkets? It's your world, our tiny plants are just living in it.